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Chiropractic Services

Results Chiropractic offers non-invasive spinal correction focused on long-term results.

Staff and Team of Results ChiropracticOur chiropractic services are targeted at identifying the root cause of your back pain through non-invasive, modern techniques and tools. Whether you are looking for relief from a sports-related injury or car accident, or for a multitude of other reasons, Dr. Melo is the St. Petersburg chiropractor that provides the relief you need.

We have assisted countless clients with improving what they thought would be lifelong, debilitating injuries. We get you back to feeling like yourself again by providing services such as:

Results Chiropractic is dedicated to providing non-intrusive, professional, and cost-effective chiropractic care.

Call Results Chiropractic today at (727) 800-6193 to schedule your complimentary consultation!

Traditional Chiropractic Care

Free Back Pain ConsultationTraditional chiropractic care is a branch of medicine that focuses on decreasing muscle spasms, reducing pain, and improving the range of motion of a patient through spinal adjustment and correction. While chiropractic adjustment can provide significant long-term improvement for those suffering from many different symptoms, Dr. Melo and the team at Results Chiropractic have improved both targeting and correction techniques with the help of modern science.

Dr. Melo’s Non-Traditional Approach

Dr. Melo utilizes a modern approach to support his chiropractic services. Instead of simply manipulating your back to feel for inconsistencies, Results Chiropractic utilizes video x-rays with radiation reducing filters to pinpoint where issues reside within the spine, allowing for targeted, root-cause adjustment and long-term relief.

Our process is simple:

  1. Pinpoint Root Cause: We utilize video motion radiographs, structural radiographs, and infrared analysis of the spine to spot any shifts, abnormalities, or growth issues within the spinal structure.
  2. Personalized Chiropractic Care: Once we have pinpointed the root cause, we create a personalized chiropractic care plan specific to you. This may include spinal adjustments, massage therapy, muscular adhesion relief, or cold laser treatments for pain relief.
  3. “Crack” Free Adjustments: Dr. Melo provides light force adjustments with no popping or cracking of the spine, utilizing a precision spinal adjuster tool adjusted to the proper force and frequency for your specific condition.
  4. Before & After Imaging: Thermal scans and infrared analysis provide Dr. Melo with the information he needs to correctly adjust your back, as well as after imaging to ensure the problem has been corrected or is properly progressing. We provide results you not only feel, but also see.

Get Results with Dr. Melo!

Chiropractic office manager handling appointment settingThe benefits of maintaining a healthy spine are endless. We are dedicated to helping you find relief for your back and neck pain.

Dr. Melo and Results Chiropractic focus on providing you with a specialized plan for your spine care and health, using modern tools, resources, and techniques to provide non-invasive, sustainable results.

For a complimentary consultation, call Results Chiropractic today at (727) 800-6193!