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Athletic Chiropractor

Athletes and those who simply live an active lifestyle can often find themselves struggling with pain and injury. Dr. Melo and the team at Results Chiropractic work to bring your body back to optimal performance through non-invasive, targeted chiropractic analysis and adjustment.

When an athlete experiences pain, they have two major options: traditional medicine such as pain medication or surgery, or through nontraditional treatment such as provided by an athletic chiropractor. While there are times that traditional medical care simply cannot be avoided, a sports chiropractor can often provide a natural alternative for pain relief.

If you are experiencing pain, strains, or other sports-related injuries, we can help provide you alternatives to addictive, painful, and invasive traditional procedures and treatments.

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From Patient To Provider

Free Back Pain ConsultationDr. Melo personally understands the value of alternative care for sports injuries, as he benefited from the support of a chiropractor after a wrestling related injury at the age of 11. The chiropractor not only helped to relieve his pain, he strengthened his spine and changed his outlook on how to maintain his health.

It was this same chiropractor who later inspired him to pursue a life in helping others. Dr. Melo has learned from the traditional approach and has expanded those ideas into a more holistic, root-analysis based care system.

Spine Health for Athletes

Custom light up spine imageThe spine is the support and messaging system for the entire body, so when it is out of alignment, it can manifest in a variety of ways, from back pain to even hearing difficulties. Shifts in the spine can weaken the overall functioning of your body, making you more susceptible to injury and illness.

Utilizing innovative imaging technology and adjustment tools, Dr. Melo can pinpoint the underlying cause of a variety of aches, pains, and conditions, in order to treat them more effectively. Once he has determined where any issues are located, he will then prepare a personalized care plan for correction and adjustment to return as much functionality and range of motion as possible.

We work with athletes of all ages and skill levels. Anyone who is looking to maintain an active Florida lifestyle can benefit from Dr. Melo’s unique approach to athletic chiropractic care.

Get Results With Dr. Melo!

Chiropractic secretary ready to schedule your appointmentResults Chiropractic is a St. Petersburg athletic chiropractor providing results-oriented care that is specific to the individual athlete. Utilizing modern chiropractic techniques and resources, he is able to not only relieve you from the pain you currently feel, but help you to maintain a healthier life through proper spine care and strengthening.

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